International School in Selangor Offers Excellent International Education System

Malay in Singapore or an Indian in Malaysia, for that matter cannot be denied the right to pursue a quality International School in Selangor. That’s because the International School is one of the major providers of preschool education in Malaysia. This international school in Selangor is provided by the Catholic School Program (CSSP), which is funded by the Malaysian Government. The International School is one of the most important providers of primary and secondary education in Malaysia. This school also provides students with a conducive environment for learning foreign languages. Many families from rural areas migrate to Kuala Lumpur to take advantage of the better education system offered in this city.

PIS - School information

The primary education offered in the International School in Selangor is one of the best in all of Malaysia. There are various subjects such as art, humanities and sciences, foreign languages including Mandarin, Math, Science and Environmental Technology that the International School provides. In addition to primary education, the International School also offers secondary education in kindergarten and pre-school education. These secondary education programs are one of the highest quality in all of Malaysia.

The international school in selangor makes use of the local culture to ensure that the primary education curriculum imparts a strong understanding of the Malay cultural heritage. In Malaysia, the educational process remains predominantly classroom based. However, students are given a great deal of exposure to the outside world through field trips to the numerous tourist spots in the area. These trips enhance the students’ knowledge and confidence in teaching skills. They also become aware of their Malay origins and their attachment to the nation and its people.

At the International School, students have the opportunity to interact and socialize with international students who are also pursuing their education in Malaysia. Students enjoy opportunities to learn different cultures and lifestyles in Malaysia and abroad. Moreover, the school provides tuition free to international students so they can pursue their education with financial assistance.

Students at the International School in Selangor are given a great deal of flexibility and freedom in their primary education. Students are not bound to any set schedule and are encouraged to take up short courses that are convenient to their schedules. Due to this, students are able to maintain good academic grades and progress in their chosen fields of study. The school is also adept at integrating other disciplines such as sports, drama, music and other forms of non-academic pursuits.

The International School in Selangor is a reputed school that has achieved international accreditation. This accreditation is based on the procedures followed by the ICM School of Management. The International School in Selangor also offers courses in finance and accounting, which is an essential curriculum for students planning to enter the upper strata of the Malaysian economy. Furthermore, the school offers a placement service to interested students in the field of international business, management and commerce.

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